On this week's episode, we are joined by special guest and writer, Sadi Muktadir. Sadi was born and raised in Toronto, his parents having emigrated from Bangladesh for a better life. His upbringing was a unique blend of competing values, some western and some worldly. His writing is inspired by these experiences, focusing on issues surrounding identity and the darker side of globalization. Sadi's debut novel, The Land Of No Regrets, which follows the lives of four young men enrolled at a madrasa in the Canadian wilderness, is set to be published by Haper Collins Canada in 2023.


Sadi joins us this week to break the ice about a story of a UK-based bachelor that resorted to a unique way to search for a wife and 'save himself' from an arranged marriage (00:00 - 12:06); then we dive into a discussion about what it takes to become an author, the impact of words, overcoming obstacles, self-discipline, and negotiating deals with publishers + more (12:07 - end). Join us for another episode that will leave you saying #SayWord!

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